The EAT Framework (Evans, 2016, 2018) is a research-informed inclusive approach to enhancing assessment and feedback at individual, module, programme, faculty, and university-wide levels. In focusing on assessment literacy, assessment feedback, and assessment design, it promotes a holistic and integrated perspective to enhancing self-regulation in learning and teaching.


This project is about supporting student agency and success in higher education and beyond through the development of assessment feedback skills (the ability to self-monitor and self- evaluate). The project is led by Professor Carol Evans in Southampton’s Education School and involves colleagues from the Researching Assessment Practices Group.


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The University of Southampton has been awarded over half a million pounds to help improve assessment and feedback for students as part of a Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) programme aimed at addressing differences in student outcomes working with the University of Surrey and Kingston University. The project lead at Surrey is Dr Naomi Winstone and the project lead at Kingston is Dr Annie Hughes

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